Thursday, March 1, 2007

Microsoft Press Release About Their Next OS

Microsoft Headquarters,

Redmond, WA

Microsoft Software is pleased to announce a new product called WinTux.

WinTux will be a Microsoft Developed distribution of the popular Linux Operating System.

Aimed at the low-end server and desktop market, WinTux will offer the following advantages over existing distributions.

Increased Stability. By incorporating code from the Windows Server Kernel, the frequent crashes and freezes reported by many Linux users have been significantly reduced.

Better performance. The New WinTux kernel is a hybrid of Linux code and industry leading Windows Server 2003 stability and performance. WinTux will feature the expandability of NT with Microsoft Bob style ease of use.

More Software. WinTux will natively run all existing Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP programs and Linux elf binaries. It is the ONLY operating system which will allow you to run Microsoft Office alongside Sendmail or GIMP.

Ease of Use. The designers of the award winning product Microsoft Bob collaborated with interface designers from the former Packard Bell to create the easiest, simplest and most efficient user interface ever.

Lower Cost. WinTux offers significant benefits to small businesses who want the advantages of a reliable Microsoft product. Server user licenses are less than 50% of a comparable Windows 2003 Server Datacenter license, but include all the support and service packs Windows administrators have grown to expect from Microsoft.

Guaranteed compatibility with all Microsoft Software. WinTux and Windows Vista are the only operating systems that will be 100% compatible with the new Exchange FAT and MS-IPX. Both Operating systems also offer full compliance with the new MS/TCP/IP standard, which will be phased in by Microsoft, America Online and Mindspring during 2009.

Better Versions of Existing Unix applications. WinTux offers new software, featuring simpler, easier to use versions of the applications UNIX programmers have grown to know and love. Packages scheduled to ship With WinTux include MSEmacs.NET and MSvi.NET.

Freedom from the Command Line. Just as DOS has vanished from Windows, so has the cryptic and complicated set of UNIX shell commands been replaced by point and click implementations of the most important functions.

Better Development Tools. Microsoft Visual Basic.NET for WinTux will be released concurrently with WinTux, bringing the world's most popular and powerful language to Unix.

Faster Bug Fixes. Instead of waiting for a random hacker to find a quick fix to existing bugs, WinTux will have regular service packs and a dedicated, full-time development team working to ensure WinTux remains the most stable operating system in the market, second only to Windows itself.

Greater Resistance to "Hackers." Because the original Linux source code is readily available and authored by diverse sources of questionable reliability, it is inherently vulnerable to security breaches and unauthorized access. The WinTux development team has thoroughly reviewed all incorporated code for possible security holes, and restricted access to prevent the system from being compromised in the future. Moreover, you know you will be getting a reliable OS, because WinTux is distributed by Microsoft, and not the latest startup, quick-buck, no support IPO.

With Microsoft backing, WinTux will quickly become the industry standard in Linux distributions, offering more options, more software, and more reliability than any other distribution. WinTux will also be the ONLY Linux distribution which will be able to coexist on the same computer as a Windows Vista install after Service Pack 5.

History of WinTux:

Microsoft has long recognized the appeal of a Posix compliant OS such as Unix and Linux, but has refrained from developing such operating systems because of the reduced stability, scalability and security inherent in Unix style operating systems. Not until recently did it become possible to integrate MS Passport's security into the Linux kernel.

WinTux began as a result of Microsoft's purchase of Hotmail. Hotmail was running on Solaris Sun systems, and Microsoft has long desired to increase Hotmail's performance and security with Windows Server. Unfortunately, the Unix code caused significant portability issues. Microsoft subsequently purchased several firms specializing in Unix to NT migrations such as Interix.

After several weeks of research, the migration team coded a Unix Emulator to run under Windows, and WinTux was born. The new emulator showed an average 21%* increase in Unix software performance.

WinTux is no longer an emulator. The original code has been integrated into a Windows XP compliant kernel, producing a system that runs Unix and Linux applications with greater speed and reliability than their native platforms.

The first official release of WinTux will be three months after the introduction of Windows Revolution. Beta testers may apply for a special, low-cost, evaluation version at

*As measured in recent Mindcraft benchmarks.

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