Thursday, June 28, 2007

Did Steve Vaillancourt (R-NH) hide Kiddie Porn?

Steve Vaillancourt and Raymond Buckley were "roommates" for 16 years. Both were New Hampshire Democrats at the time. They parted ways over a "rent dispute." Vaillancourt left the Democratic Party and became a Republican.

Eventually, they came into opposition. Buckley took the seat that Vaillancourt had previously occupied.

Then came what some Republicans consider the disaster of 2006, where the Democrats overthrew many traditionally Republican seats. Ray Buckley, now an admitted Homosexual, was on the verge of becoming the Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic State Committee, owing to the fact that he was pretty much responsible for the Democratic Victories in New Hampshire.

During all of this, Vaillancourt and Buckley were both denying they'd ever been sexually involved.

Then things get strange.

Steve Vaillancourt sent a letter to the NH governor. In it he alleged that when they were living together Buckley frequently traveled to Amsterdam to collect Kiddie Porn, and that his room was so littered with it that you couldn't enter it without stepping over Child Pornography.

The Democratic governor asked Buckley to step down from the party race, and Buckley complied.

An investigation failed to turn up any evidence of child pornography and Buckley was exonerated. The 04.13.2007 episode of "This American Life" entitled "My Reputation" profiled Buckley

If Vaillancourt was telling the truth about the Kiddie Porn, and Buckley was exonerated only by having disposed of evidence then Vaillancourt spent DECADES remaining quiet about not only a massive cache of Child Pornography, but an active smuggling operation.

The question I have yet to see asked is this:

Why would Vaillancourt remain silent for so many years about something as vile and disgusting as Child Pornography?

Vaillancourt is in a tough spot. He's one of two things. He's either a liar who used false accusations of Child Pornography to slander and defame a political opponent, or he HELPED CONCEAL Child Pornography.

I ask Vaillancourt, which is he? A liar who offers false witness against his neighbor, or an accomplice to the possession and smuggling of Child Pornography?


Anonymous said...

BUCKLEY IS A PEDOPHILE and his predecessor hides little worms who committed voter fraud (Wetrosky).

The Democrats are the most corrupt party in NH and that is how they got into power. Buckely dirty tricks are notorious.

Matthew Miller said...

If Buckley is a pedophile, then Steve Vaillancourt spent over 20 YEARS covering up an active kiddie porn smuggling operation. According to US law, that makes him an accomplice.

If Buckley is a pedophile, then Steve Vaillancourt is probably one too. If Buckely isn't a pedophile, then Steve Vaillancourt is a lying bastard who tried to destroy a man with a horrific lie.

Either way, Steve Vaillancourt is a worthless slime ball who should be drummed out of politics.