Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Progress in the Kitchen

Cosmetic work remains, but now we just need to oil the counters (Which will be done as soon as the caulk finishes curing) and load stuff into the cabinets!

Here we see the French Country style Kitchen sink, and the window leading into the Living room. This window appears to have been an exterior window before the additions made to the house in the 1980's. Above and to the sides are the two open shelves that proved harder to hang than the wall cabinets themselves.

This photo shows a bit of the left side of the kitchen, focused on the deep bottom corner cabinet and the wire lazy Susan it contains.

Corner cabinets are a puzzle, and there are no really GOOD solutions to the space but a wire lazy Susan on such a deep cabinet is far better and easier to keep clean than the old cylinder style cabinets, like the one we ripped out.

This is a better view of the right hand side of the kitchen. You can see the in-wall cabinet my wife and I built. The glass to create the doors for the cabinet has been ordered, but won't arrive for a week or two. At the far right edge of the photo you can see the wooden beam of the old exterior wall that was taken down for the expansion in the 80's. It's one of the beams we plan to have people sign at our fourth of July party, and eventually encapsulate in a baffle.

The photo makes it look like the back splash tile has streaks of pink. This is a trick of the camera and these photos are the first time I've seen even a hint of pink in the tile. I used by cell phone camera to take these photos, and as a result the image quality is a bit low.

Finally, a photo of the left side of the kitchen. You can see the stove, and further left you can even see the front door at the end of the entryway / dining room.

That's it for today. I'll post more photos once I take some higher quality snapshots with one of our other cameras, as opposed to the camera on my cell phone.

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