Thursday, April 26, 2007

Start of a Food Blog

The above photo represents my first attempt at a Food Blog. Basically, I, like many before me, plan to post pictures of all my food.

I'm doing this for a number of reasons:
  • I need to lose weight, and I figure paying more attention to WHAT I eat will help with that goal.
  • Having photos of my food online should discourage me form "cheating" and sneaking a snack here and there.
  • Using Blogger means I can snap the photo with my cell phone, send the photo to my Blog and not have to worry about things like image resizing, getting photos off a camera or memory card and that sort of thing.

The above photo represents breakfast. The box is licorice and I had six pieces. A "serving" is 15 pieces, worth about 130 calories. The fruit cup is because I bought a mix pack not realizing it included the flavor, and I figured I'd polish them off, as they aren't THAT bad.

The Equal is for my cup of coffee. Not pictured is the coffee and the once or two of 2% milk in contains, and the bottle of Fruit2O I'm drinking.

The coffee is sadly, a disappointment. I brewed it in the kitchen with a drop brewer, using the hottest watter the sink could muster. The water cooler, which included hot water is out of water, and the coffee pot in the kitchen is something of a leaky joke. Being flat broke until payday, a run to a coffee shop was not the best option. My wife and I have a couple of travel mugs with an integrated French Press. I need to bring one of these to work.

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