Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dinner and putting bunnies in new cages

Dinner consisted of some sausage, steak and corn on the cob (Not pictured) grilled by some friends. My wife and I are still renovating our kitchen, so we do not yet have a functional stove, kitchen sink or much in the way of counter space.

Yesterday however was dedicated to dismantling the rabbit cages and giving them a through scrubbing, also know as the annual "traumatize the rabbits with all the spring cleaning noise" event. We also set up Cheyenne with a much larger cage.

As you can see from the picture above, Cheyenne's new cage used to be a dog crate. This is substantially more space than she used to have. Unfortunately, the floor flexes a bit, which makes it rather noisy when she moves about. Any recommendations on how to resolve this conundrum would be appreciated.

The black and white bunny in the pen on the right is Holly, and the goal is to bond the two of them. Moving Cheyenne into the floor level cage (Her former cage was on legs) is part of a plan to get the two of them more accustomed to one another. By placing them next to each other they can grow accustomed to each other's presence.

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