Friday, April 20, 2007

Replace, Rebuild or just give up?

My venerable IBM Thinkpad A20M has served me well over the years. It's still a reliable machine, and despite it's 700mhz processor, fairly zippy when the right software is installed. Sadly, the batter is toast. Years of abuse have left it with a life span of less than half an hour when using the wireless card. I've been thinking of getting a replacement battery, but buying a used one on ebay means I have a substantial risk of getting something that's just as worn out as what I have now. I've been researching other options for Laptop Batteries. Digital Camera Batteries are easy to come by, but Laptop batteries are a bit harder.

There are online directions for rebuilding your own laptop batteries, reconditioned batteries and external battery packs.

The question I now face is do I save up the cash for a new laptop, rebuild the batter pack myself or just order a used internal pack or a new external one.

This would all be easier if I had another digit on my salary.

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