Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lunch 4-26-2007

Today I had leftovers for Lunch. The bowl contains something I cooked up in our rice cooker a few days ago. I took some Edamame left over from Sushi a few days before, shelled them and put the beans in with some Tofus, mushrooms, Sweet Potato Noodles, cranberries and red peppers. I also included some light soy sauce, hot sauce and sesame oil.

After mixing everything with some water, I turned on the rice Cooker mode, waited 15 minutes and ate up. I noticed that the cranberries, having been in the fridge a bit, largely dissolved into part of the broth. This caused them to add a bit of fruity tartness to the dish while helping thicken the broth just a bit. I could have added a dash of arrow root to thicken ti some more, but I was tired, hungry and it tasted good as it was.

Sadly, the hot pepper sauce made it a bit spicy for my wife, and to tell the truth, it made my own lips tingle a bit. Fortunately, it mellowed in the fridge, so today it was actually a bit mild. It could have used a dash of salt the second time around.

The moral? Hot sauce can cover up the need for more salt.

The packet in the photo is the last of the Fennel tea I bought a while back. I actually ended up making some English Teatime instead, saving the caffeine free fennel seed tea for the afternoon.

I've also grabbed a Poland Spring Raspberry-Lime . I tend to prefer Poland Spring favored waters over Fruit2O, largely because Poland has no extra sweetener, artificial or otherwise.

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