Friday, April 13, 2007

Tom Delay attacks Rosie over Imus???

From the Blog of Tom Delay

And for the contextual icing on the cake, where are the repercussions for Rosie O’Donnell’s hateful, idiotic accusations that President Bush was behind the 9/11 attacks? And her ignorant parody of the Chinese language? Or her comparison of conservative Christians to Islamo-fascist terrorists? Why has ABC not suspended her from The View? Why has she not been frog-marched up to some radio show to apologize to 9/11 victims/Chinese-American activists/evangelical Christians?

Going after Rosie strikes me as a rather random target. Al Sharpton has a long history of attacking whites on racial grounds, and others are already taking him to task over the hypocrisy of his criticizing Imus.

Mr. Delay's desire to go after a talk show host is a fairly random act. Imus has more powerful and more outspoken critics on this issue, and attacking one of the talking heads on "The View" is a misfire. It fails to address the real issue, and smacks of "Acting for the sake of acting." What's more, he's taking her to task over claims about 9/11. O’Donnell wasn't even quoted on anything related to Imus. What in the WORLD do her comments have to do with Imus and his racist remarks?

More to the point, the linked post by Tom Delay makes him look like he's making a desperate plea for attention.

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