Friday, April 27, 2007

Breakfast, and more disappointing coffee

Breakfast was a bit late this morning. An everything bagel toped with light cream cheese, as well as some coffee and some chai (separate cups, not mixed) sweetened with equal. I also added a dash of milk to each.

I don't normally use artificial sweetener, but the only sugar we have at the office is the rather hard to dissolve "Sugar in the Raw."

Lo and behold, as I'm typing this, I remembered the bit of Stevia in my desk drawer, so I'll likely use that to sweeten my chai at work.

I expect I'll keep sweetening my coffee until I use up the current bag. I'd picked up some Chocolate flavored Folgers coffee to drink at work, and I must confess it's a bit disappointing. I'd been blaming it on the unfavorable brewing conditions, but today I used boiling water from a tea kettle and a French press, a combination that normally produces very satisfactory coffee. Despite having used twice the label's recommended quantity of coffee grounds, the cup is still weak and devoid of any flavor beyond a vague chocolate. I suspect I'll just use it up next week and buy some better coffee.

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