Friday, April 20, 2007

Could Iran be the West's next source of Mail Order Brides?

Justified by strict interpretations of Islamic law, Iran has a bustling sex trade in Muslim women. Iranian women from impoverished areas are traded like cattle, sold to neighboring nations. Women of all ages are bought and sold like slabs of meat. Iran's ruling clerics not only know about the trade, but are often customers.

The question becomes, what is their stance is on selling women to western nations?

If women are just chattel to them, and they sell OIL to western nations, why not sell us their women as well? Think about it. American men get a new source of Mail Order Brides (Buying Russian women is SO 1990's), and these women get to leave lives of repression and prostitution to become American Citizens!

The men selling them clearly care more about their oil than their women, so why not start making offers?

I know, I know, the argument can be made that using Iran as a source of Mail Order Brides only fuels the sex industry abroad, but the additional "business" comes in the form of women leaving the country for a better life! Not only that, but the women will by and large, be treated with more respect and dignity than they would in Iran, not to mention the extensive freedoms women have in the West. Imagine going from a place where you're not allowed to leave the house without a male relative, to one where you can get a job, buy a car, hell, buy whatever you want without even TELLING your husband as long as it's your own damn money. Yes, most women discuss things like jobs and car purchases with their husbands, but it's not a legal requirement.

I can see the ad campaign now:

"Iran, America's new, best source for Mail Order Brides."

The only major problem is the current upswing in the popularity of Indonesian Mail Order Brides.

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